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Massage Amador Spa

relieve your stress and pain with using therapeutic massage

Relieves stress; Relieves migraine pain; Encourages relaxation; Helps manage pain;

Alleviate low-back pain; Lessen depression and anxiety; Pump oxygen and improving blood circulation; Reduce spasms and cramping; Relaxes muscles; Help athletes to recover from strenuous workouts; Assist with shorter, easier labor for expectant mothers; Improves flexibility and range of motion.

Welcome to the Amador Spa

Our sole mission is to provide you a variety of massaging services that will assist you in the rejuvenation of your body.  We hope you will find our services as one of the most effective means to reducing muscle tension and stress, while increasing oxygen flow and range of motion.

In addition to providing the standard type of deep tissue massaging, our staff also incorporated the techniques derived from the traditional Chinese medicine practices.
Our attempt is to breakdown some of the adhesions which may have been resulted from over-work, previous injuries, or lack of physical activities (common with people work on computer all day long).    We do not only focus on muscle groups; we also massage along the Meridian lines and the associated pressure points.  This process allows more oxygen flow by eliminating some of the toxicities.  That is why it is very important to drink plenty of water afterward.

Since we are trying to breakdown tightness that may have been built up in your body, you will feel some discomfort during the process.  You may just tell your therapist to ease up based on your threshold level.  You may also experience some soreness the next day.  This is a normal healing process but by the next day, you should feel refresh and ready to take on the whole world.

We believe our services are beneficial to everyone.  This may include people suffering from pain to marathon runners and body builders.  We do not claim to heal any sickness, but we believe our services will enhance one’s quality of life.

Thank you again for visiting.